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Pulmocare - Our Mission Statement:

Our Mission is to affect and improve the respiratory condition and homecare environment by providing the necessary medical equipment, supplies, clinical staff and respiratory skilled support to the patient and caregivers in order to maintain the patient at home with an optimal quality of life.

About Us:

Established in January 1998, Pulmocare Respiratory Services, Inc. is a Medicare, Medi-CAL, and Medicaid Provider in California, Arizona, and Nevada. We are an HQAA Accredited DME Company, providing homecare to assess, monitor, and manage your Patients' respiratory status at home. We provide Continuity of care with physicians, home health nursing and discharge planners. Respiratory therapies, equipment, and supplies are clinically coordinated to maximize efficacy and keep the patient at home. We are licensed to provide Clinical Therapist home services, to monitor compliance with Physician orders and to keep the respiratory patient at home.


Care Objectives

To provide in-home assessment, clinical, diagnostics and therapy support to the physician for their respiratory patients by promoting and maintaining a stable respiratory status. We are licensed and insured to provide clinical support services to patients at home within the scope of practice set by the California Respiratory Care Board.




  • Designed to meet the ventilatory needs of a wide range of patients
  • Easy to learn, set up, and operate
  • Highly portable
  • Internal, external, and detachable batteries
  • Offering pressure and/or volume control w/ assist/Control, SIMV, or CPAP modes of ventilation

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Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen Concentrators:

  • EverFloT Stationary Oxygen Concentrator
  • Everflo QT Ultraquiet Stationary Oxygen Concentrator
  • MillenniumT M5 Concentrator (5 Lpm flow)
  • MillenniumT M10 Concentrator (10 Lpm flow)

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Sleep Apnea

Positive Side Effects of Using CPAP / BiPAP machines:

  • Better Sleep
  • Sesation of snoring
  • Your bed partner may sleep better, too
  • Decreased daytime sleepiness
  • Decreased blood pressure
  • Reduced chance for heart problems

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Baby Care

Masimo Rad-8 Features

  • Sleep Mode easily configures system to perform bedside studies
  • 2 second averaging in sleep mode
  • Home Mode allows for safe and accurate monitoring and trending at home

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